Review : 7 Reasons Why Writing a Book Can Explode Your Profits: Write Your Book Using This Easy Formula

Disclaimer : Lots of swearing.

angrybook.jpgThere are a only a few things I hate with a passion… : Communism, religion, the smell of sweat in the corner shop on hot summer nights and this book.

I am not the biggest fan of publishing of Kindle, but I love reading books of writers and authors that are self-published. You often get special stories, great but rough writing and it encourages me to write my own story.
Kindle has, as a self publishing platform, some kind of symbioses where you won’t put out blatant shit in order not to ruin it for other writers. When people dare publish shit like this book, it may drive people from the platform, resulting in a lot of good writers not being read. 

I found the link to this book on Twitter where it was being advertised as free for a limited amount of time. I was interested and clicked the order button. After a few pages of very, VERY salesy writing, I got 7 reasons why I should start writing my own book, topped off with a sales pitch on how awesome their company is and how they can even write your bloody content.

I am angry, no,  I am FURIOUS that these charlatans are trapping normal people like you and me in their detesting fly trap. No, they will not help you write your book, they will not help you boost your business, they only things they want to keep filled are their own wallets.

I am ASHAMED that this book is part of the whole kindle experience and I HOPE with all my heart that this kind of practices will be banned from the platform. BAH! Shame on you Andrew Anderson and Kevin Long.
If they scam their prospects, ask yourself how they treat their actual customers!

Genius Blueprint looks pretty stupid at the moment, if you ask me.




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