Writing historical non-fiction and military fiction

Interview with William “Bill” Alan Webb

KcJZ7b_mWith his eight dogs, wonderful wife and thousands of books, Bill spends his years writing and researching military stories, history, science fiction and fantasy just outside Memphis.
Bill has been writing for nine years on his historical non-fiction book on Vienna in the second world war. I am impressed! And while this is by far not the only thing Bill does, I was inspired by this niche, his research techniques and his passion for the theme. Although writing about military non-fiction and fiction is not the only thing Bill does, I did think this is hell of an interesting topic!

A great interview for book lovers and history buffs alike!

Download this episode (right click and save)


PS: Big shoutout to the wonderful work Bill, his wife and their dogs are doing. Two of them are therapeutic dogs and two of them are search and rescue dogs. What would mankind do without these wonderful animals!

Jstor website as mentioned in the interview: http://www.jstor.org/
Bill’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/JointheBrigade1
Bill’s Website : http://thelastbrigade.com/

You can find the shownotes on https://merlotandwriting.wordpress.com/

And you can always support me on https://www.patreon.com/merlotandwriting

Twitter : @Lieze_Neven

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2 thoughts on “Writing historical non-fiction and military fiction

    • Lieze Neven says:

      Yes, I loved talking to Bill a Lot! I’m way too lazy to research as well haha. Even when I studied history all I wanted to do was write my report in stead of reading up on it. It’s one of my biggest flaws I guess!


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