New name, New site, New brand


First of all, I’m very sorry I haven’t posted anything for so, so long. As you all may know, I’m in the middle of moving countries and it’s a bit crazy at times.
I have had some nice and easy chats with some of you and we came to the conclusion that we all loved the podcast but were unsure of the name, the website and the brand.

This is why I have been working hard to update and upgrade everything. The podcast is now called The Write Way and all information and shownotes can be found on

People who listen to the podcast and whose app did not update the name of the podcast automatically, please resubscribe.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. I couldn’t have done this without you!



On finding an agent, on motivation and plotting your novel


Interview with Tiberius Engle 

Tiberius describes himself as a life-long learner, multilingual, well-travelled idealist, veteran, avid drinker of tea, steadfast Aquaman Defender. If that doesn’t sparkle your interest, I do not know what will.
I talk with Tiberius about his novel, about his road to finding an agent and more importantly: the road to getting published. He tells about how his experiences in the army shaped him and his work and about what motivates him.
You will hear Tiberius’ absolutely adorable son through the interview. I did not want to cut it out because it was just too cute. It gives the interview a cute and personal touch, just to show that writers – big or small, are people too.
I also wanted to say that you can always contact the people I interview, they are very nice people and they don’t bite. They are part of a broader hive mind of people that know about writing and their insights are very interesting!

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On Furry literature and the Furry Community

0Bill Kiefer, also known as Greyflank, is a very active member of the Furry Community. In this interview he tells us about his personal problems and his problems with writing, he gives us some insight into the wonderful and interesting world of “  furries “ and talks about his new book Goat.




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Bill was so kind to send me all of the links of the people and websites he mentioned. (Bill ) (a furry is a person who wants to meet other furries, but everyone has their own explanation)
Bill : Ocean Tigerox, my favourite editor is also a writer and has a podcast:

You can contact Bill on Twitter

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Writing historical non-fiction and military fiction

Interview with William “Bill” Alan Webb

KcJZ7b_mWith his eight dogs, wonderful wife and thousands of books, Bill spends his years writing and researching military stories, history, science fiction and fantasy just outside Memphis.
Bill has been writing for nine years on his historical non-fiction book on Vienna in the second world war. I am impressed! And while this is by far not the only thing Bill does, I was inspired by this niche, his research techniques and his passion for the theme. Although writing about military non-fiction and fiction is not the only thing Bill does, I did think this is hell of an interesting topic!

A great interview for book lovers and history buffs alike! Continue reading

Review : 7 Reasons Why Writing a Book Can Explode Your Profits: Write Your Book Using This Easy Formula

Disclaimer : Lots of swearing.

angrybook.jpgThere are a only a few things I hate with a passion… : Communism, religion, the smell of sweat in the corner shop on hot summer nights and this book.

I am not the biggest fan of publishing of Kindle, but I love reading books of writers and authors that are self-published. You often get special stories, great but rough writing and it encourages me to write my own story.
Kindle has, as a self publishing platform, some kind of symbioses where you won’t put out blatant shit in order not to ruin it for other writers. When people dare publish shit like this book, it may drive people from the platform, resulting in a lot of good writers not being read.  Continue reading

Overcoming the fear of failure as a writer

Interview with Jared Warner

x9bfRoZGThis time we are doing something different. This is not an interview with a writer, but with a podcaster. Jared is starting a podcast on the fear of failure, something a lot of writers go through. A lot of us think our writing is not good enough, we turn into perfectionists and edit while writing, we are scared we are not good enough to be published or just think we will fail no matter what. Jared gives good tips on how to overcome this fear of failure and on how to become an effective writer that can put this fear of failure to work. Jared is also an online marketing expert. He has been on top of the online game since he was 16 years old. He had e-mail on his telephone in the nineties and was a fan of mobile marketing before it was the next big thing. He gives some great insights on how to use the internet to our advantages when marketing our book and on how to use social networks to connect with fans, fellow writers and to market our books.

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You can find Jared on
Twitter : @ FightFailureNow
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7 tips every blogger should read

1. Help. What do I write about?

Okay so youhave a blog and that is super! It can be hard to keep up the good work and postarticles every week. On one hand you have a thousand ideas and thoughts flowing through your synapses and on the other hand you stare at your cursor and completely blank page, asking yourself why you started this in the first place.

Step one : Find out what niche your blog belongs to. Continue reading

How to get a publisher without an agent

Interview with Linda Foster

dCr4DHeRLinda Foster lives in the magical Colorado. When she is not walking her dog or writing her book, she works in a school. The pupils give her all the inspiration she needs.
A few years back she signed with Glass House Press. This was the end of a hard and difficult search for an agent or a publisher. In the end she managed to get signed without the help of a literary agent. It tool more than a hundred rejection letters, a lot of courage and a damn strong woman but Linda will be welcoming her first, published, book very soon.
If you want to know how to get a book deal without a literary agent, this episode is a must listen to!

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Review : A hole in the pavement by Thalia Newland

Unrealistic and Unbearably Overrated

51go33w7hvl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Every morning Norris sees his Goddess walk to the buss stop. Has she noticed him? Who would notice him, a bow tie wearing miniature car freak…
One morning, just as he sees his neighbouring beauty get out of her house, she falls on the pavement. Immobilized by what seems a fit of social anxiety, he leaves her be and falls into a deep hole himself. The next day, as he closes the metal gate of his front lawn behind him, he sees his love interest fall into a hole… Continue reading