Book Reviews

Should or shouldn’t I review books… that has been a question for quite some time.
And if I review books, would I review self published and indie writers or should I pick up a book from one of the best-sellers?

I have decided to start writing HONEST* and clear reviews for starting and self-published writers. At 16 years old, I joined an online music magazine as one of the writers. Ever since, I have written for a number of different magazines and websites, I have been editor-in-chief for three and I have been writing on a number of subjects including music, games, books and movies.

If you would like an HONEST* review of your book, you can email me a copy in PDF or Epub to


— * Honest
I want to be honest because I do not think someone becomes a better author by hearing how wonderfull he or she is. On the other hand, If I love something, I will praise it to the stars!